24 March 2020

Coronavirus—IFRS Foundation meetings updates

The IFRS Foundation shares global concerns about the impact of coronavirus and is monitoring developments guided by statements from public health authorities.

Due to developments in the spread of coronavirus in the UK, the IFRS Foundation has decided to close its London office and all staff are to work from home from 16 March 2020.

We have contingency plans in place and will continue to work as normally as possible.

Specific changes to meetings will be flagged here and in the meetings calendar. Digital access to public meetings is provided as usual for those who wish to participate in or observe meetings remotely, and we encourage people to use this facility.


01/04/2020—All April meetings have been made remote-participation only. The meetings will go ahead as planned, but participants and attendees will need to video conference in. You can read more about individual meetings on the meeting page here.

20/03/2020—As a result of the evolving coronavirus situation and the global IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group representation, we have taken the decision to cancel the ITCG meeting on 24 March.

19/03/2020—We have decided to postpone the June 2020 Annual IFRS Foundation Conference. We are reviewing how to deliver an alternative conference combined with our World Standard-setters Conference in September 2020.

17/03/2020—The March CMAC meeting will now be remote-access only for all participants.

13/03/2020—The March meeting of the International Accounting Standards Board has been made remote-access only, and will take place with a reduced agenda. All Board members will be participating via video conference, and interested parties can observe the meeting remotely.

11/03/2020—The decision has been taken to make the March CMAC meeting remote-access only for observers. CMAC members will only attend if they are based in London and sign the declaration that they haven't been to a category 1 or 2 hotspot in the past 14 days and haven't experienced flu-like symptoms in the past seven days. Otherwise they will also use remote access to attend. 

06/03/2020—We are asking all visitors to the IFRS Foundation offices to confirm before arrival that they haven't been to a category 1 or 2 hotspot in the past 14 days.

05/03/2020—The decision has been taken to make the April ASAF meeting remote-participation only. The meeting will go ahead as planned, but participants and attendees will need to video conference in.

04/03/2020—The March IFRS Advisory Council meeting has been postponed.

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