Speaker fees 

As a not-for-profit, public interest organisation, the IFRS Foundation seeks to recoup some of its operating costs by charging a fee for the Board members and staff participating in conferences or seminars organised for commercial purposes. The standard schedule of fees is as follows:

  • For a Board member, the typical fee is £5,000 per day or part day.
  • For technical staff, the typical fee is £1,500 per day or part day.
  • For ‘exclusive arrangements’ in corporate events organised jointly with major firms or multinational corporations, the IFRS Foundation may seek a discretionary fee, typically £30,000. 

For other events, such as those organised by societies, associations, charities, educational bodies or non-profit organisations, the IFRS Foundation may, at its discretion, waive a fee. 

Travel and accommodation 

Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the IFRS Foundation usually requires the host organisation to arrange and pay or reimburse the IFRS Foundation for basic, necessary overnight travel expenses incurred by the IFRS Foundation/IASB speaker (including economy air fare for domestic travel and business class for international travel, cab fare and/or other transport expenses, overnight hotel, meals).

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