The IFRS Foundation states that 'the mix of Trustees shall broadly reflect the world’s capital markets and diversity of geographical and professional backgrounds'. To reflect this and ensure a broad international basis, six of the Trustees must be selected from the Asia/Oceania region, six from Europe, six from the Americas, one from Africa and three can be from any area, subject to maintaining overall geographical balance.


  • Suresh P. Kana, South Africa



  • Teresa Ko, Hong Kong
  • Su-Keun Kwak, South Korea
  • Kazuyuki Masu, Japan
  • Joanna Perry, New Zealand
  • Vinod Rai, India
  • Guangyao Zhu, China



  • Else Bos, the Netherlands
  • Colette Bowe, UK
  • Ross McInnes, France
  • Erkki Liikanen, Finland (Chair)
  • Lucrezia Reichlin, Italy
  • Erhard Schipporeit, Germany

The Americas

  • Guillermo Babatz, Mexico
  • Larry Leva, USA
  • Robert Pozen, USA
  • Alexsandro Broedel, Brazil
  • Kenneth Robinson, USA
  • Maria Theofilaktidis, Canada


Appointed from any area

  • Sarah Al Suhaimi, Saudi Arabia
  • Michel Madelain, France

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