The IFRS Foundation is a privately organised, not-for-profit organisation established to serve the public interest. 

The organisation was founded under the auspices of global securities regulators with the aim of contributing to the development of global financial markets and cross-border economic activity. 

Our governance structure is created to ensure that the standard-setting is independent and not unduly influenced by commercial interest or any specific stakeholder groups. To find out more read our Working in the public interest document below. 

Following completion of the 2016 Review of Structure and Effectiveness, the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation agreed that they should continue to review and discuss key strategic issues for the Foundation to help them in engagement with key stakeholders around the world. 

The first two issues they considered focused on the interaction between IFRS Standards and long-term investment and financial stability. The Trustees agreed that it would be useful for the presentations to be formatted as slide decks that could be used to support presentations and explanation of the Foundation's position.